Come Ask Allen!

SimplyHome’s President and CEO, Allen Ray, is ready to answer any questions you might have about technology and aging in place. Join him and our Director of Sales, Ian Sanders, today at this years Assistive Technology Expo to learn more.


November 17 – 19, 2010

North Raleigh Hilton

If you would like to receive mailings about the 2010 NC AT Expo, please use the contact form on the right side of the page.

What:  The Assistive Technology Expo is an exciting three-day event designed to increase awareness and provide current information on assistive technology.  Conference offerings include an exhibit hall (on 11/18/10 only) featuring over 60 vendors exhibiting the latest in assistive technology products and services, 40 concurrent sessions, a poster session and a Keynote address.

In addition, a pre-conference session will be offered on November 17 from 9:00-4:00 on Accessible Instructional Media:  Using Bookshare to Meet Your Students’ Needs.  The morning session will focus on assistive technologies.  We’ll look at what’s out there and how to align the technologies with students’ needs.  The afternoon session will focus on the Bookshare website as a source of free accessible instructional media (AIM).  Particpants will learn what Bookshare offers, how to sign up, how to download books, how to read the books, and where to get support.

Who: Each year between 550-700 registered participants from across the country attend the NC AT Expo and approximately 1300 attend the free Exhibit Hall.  Participants include: persons with disabilities, family members, teachers, therapists, Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living staff, rehabilitation counselors, employers, engineers, college professors, medical staff, college and university students, and authorized state purchasers.

Where: For hotel registration call the North Raleigh Hilton at 919-872-2323 or click here.  Use the code ATX to get the conference rate. Deadline for hotel registrations is October 17, 2010.

The participants of the 2009 NC AT Expo rated the conference as 4.336 out of 5 (Excellent)

What our Participants say about the NC AT Expo:
“This was my first time to attend and I learned so much! Great sessions!”
“I wish this day would never end!”
“Great diversity of workshops.  I could always find something applicable to me.”
“What a great conference.  I look forward to next year.”

What our Exhibitors say about the NC AT Expo:
“Best conference I attended this year!”
“The Expo was WONDERFUL!!”
“Great show!!”
“Everything seemed to run very smoothly and it was well attended.  It was much     busier this year.  LOVED it being open to the public for free.”
“Great Expo this year! Had lots of traffic at my booth.”

About SimplyHome
We are an affiliation of care providers who have been providing supports for the disabled and elderly since 1990. While our goal of helping families and caregivers has remained the same from the beginning, we realized in 2003 that new technology would allow us to dramatically improve the quality of our service and reduce the cost to those in need. We developed the SimplyHome system with this in mind and have been expanding our offerings and services ever since. Today we work towards our mission of helping the aging and disabled populations nationwide from our offices in North Carolina and Wisconsin. We exist to serve families and caregivers by providing the tools and services needed to support those who wish to live independently at home. While this desire cannot always be fulfilled, we believe it is far more achievable with SimplyHome by your side. In essence, we help you create a "Supportive Home" environment for the one you care for by providing easy-to-use assistive technology and services. When you come to us, we will engage in a conversation about your caregiving requirements, and if appropriate, offer you a personalized system that improves the quality of care for both you and the one you care for -- whether you are a family member or professional caregiver. Sometimes, after a detailed assessment, we find our systems are not the best support for you. If we feel a company offering different services could better serve you, we will make that recommendation. It's as simple as that.

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